Sony LCS-EBG Black - Προστατευτική θήκη για A6500

Αυτή η πολυτελής δερμάτινη θήκη σώματος παρέχει τέλεια εφαρμογή και σταθερό κράτημα, ενώ δεν σας εμποδίζει να χρησιμοποιείτε τη μηχανή.

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Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

This genuine leather body case made for the α6500 firms up gripping/handling; protects camera from falls/scrapes/dust; and, while attached to the camera, lets you access battery/memory card, recharge, transfer data, tilt LCD screen, use NFC, mount to tripod, and use wireless remote control.


Easy-to-grip genuine leather body case for α6500

This luxurious-looking leather case made for the α6500 camera body provides a firm grip and prevents slippage from hands. The case also provides ample protection against dust and impact that can otherwise damage the camera.


Perform various operations with case attached

Without taking the camera out of this body case, you can perform various camera operations; replace battery/memory card; recharge camera battery, or transfer data via USB cable connection; tilt LCD screen; use NFC; mount camera on a tripod; or use wireless remote control (with separately sold wireless remote controller).  


Flat-type screw attaches case to camera easily

Simply turn the screw with your finger to attach the body case to or detach it from the camera. Fully attached, the flat screw head is level with the bottom of the case, so the camera is in stable shooting position when it is placed on a flat floor, table, or other surface. 


  • Dedicated, Form-Fitting Case
  • Genuine Leather Construction
  • 1/4"-20 Attachment to Tripod Mount
  • Access to Battery/Memory Card Slot
  • Permits Full Tilting of LCD Screen
  • Maintains NFC and Wireless Connectivity

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